House of Cards: 4×01 – “Chapter 40” Screen Captures

I’ve added screen captures of Neve in the first episode from season 4 of House of Cards, 4×01 – Chapter 40. I will add the rest of the episodes as soon as possible! Remember, you can stream the series on Netflix.

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Neve talks “House of Cards”

‘House of Cards’: Neve Campbell Talks “Getting in Bed” With the Underwoods

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the House of Cards season four premiere, “Chapter 40.”]

House of Cards returned Friday for its fourth season — just in time for arguably one of the most bizarre presidential races in United States history.

After last season ended with Claire (Robin Wright) walking away from her partner in life and crime Frank (Kevin Spacey), the premiere opened hours later with the longtime duo still miles apart both figuratively and literally.

While Frank was still on the campaign trail days before an important primary – and desperately trying to cover up his wife’s absence – Claire went back home to Texas to carve a new political path for herself apart from her husband. Step one? Recruiting her own Doug Stamper (Michael Kelley) in Leann Harvey, played by new series regular Neve Campbell.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Campbell about Leann’s loyalty to Claire, creator Beau Willimon’s final season and the joys of playing a role other than “the girlfriend.”
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Neve doesn’t want a “Party of Five” reboot

Neve Campbell doesn’t want a Party of Five reboot

Networks may be crazy for reboots and reunions, but Neve Campbell isn’t interested in seeing Party of Five return to the small screen.

The actress, who first rose to fame as the sensitive Julia Salinger on the popular ’90s family drama, says a reboot with the rest of the original cast isn’t — and shouldn’t be — in the works. “I don’t think that would make any sense,” she tells EW, laughing. “We’re all way older! That was a long time ago. We’ve all moved on, we all adore each other, and we’re still friends, but no, I don’t think that would make sense to do a reboot.”

That said, she isn’t opposed to seeing her other claim to fame return if it’s handled correctly. After starring in four Scream films, Campbell says that she would be open to considering another turn as scream queen Sidney Prescott, but the decision would be “a tough one” after the death of franchise director Wes Craven.
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Neve on “Good Morning Britain”

“House of Cards” Season 4 Premiere

Neve attended the portrait unveiling and season 4 premiere of Netflix’s House of Cards. The event was held at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC (February 22).

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