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Neve Chats with PEOPLE

Neve Campbell Says ‘It Was Sad’ to Leave ‘Scream 6’ but She ‘Couldn’t Bear’ Feeling ‘Undervalued’

Neve Campbell chats with PEOPLE about her new PSA for the American Red Cross and her surprising decision not to reprise her role as Sidney in Scream 6

PEOPLE – Neve Campbell’s decision not to return to the Scream franchise for the upcoming sixth film wasn’t an easy one — but she’s standing her ground.

In an exclusive chat with PEOPLE surrounding her new campaign video for the American Red Cross, the actress says her choice not to sign on to reprise her role as final girl Sidney Prescott for Scream 6 was “truly” just “negotiation” related. “I did not feel that what I was being offered equated to the value that I bring to this franchise, and have brought to this franchise, for 25 years,” she tells PEOPLE.
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The Timeless Neve Campbell

On The 20th Anniversary Of The Craft, Neve Campbell Talks Her Scream Queen Legacy, Slowly Rebuilding Her Resume, And Her Role On House Of Cards

“If you were to try to write about some of the clowns running for president at the moment, I think you’d say it’s not possible. Nobody would buy it.” Having spent a handful of years out of the spotlight, Neve Campbell is throwing her hat into the presidential race—on television, that is—as campaign strategist Leann Harvey on Netflix’s excoriating political series, House of Cards. A blood-pumping, accelerated take on the American political circus, the series was first criticized for being too over-the-top to be believed, with its characters resorting to murder and blackmail to earn their ranking offices. But, in today’s electoral reality, as Campbell points out, truth might actually be more outlandish than fiction.

That isn’t to say that the show runs low on thrills. Joining series stars Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, and Michael Kelly, Campbell is captivating viewers with her grand return to the sort of high-drama TV that launched her career—who could forget Julia Salinger on Party of Five, brooding icon of post-grunge adolescence, who turned teen angst into an art form and influenced a generation of young actresses who’ve winced and exhaled in her resounding wake? Now a veteran of film, theater, dance, and TV—including Robert Altman’s The Company, which she produced—Campbell is bringing a whole new level of graceful craft to the role of Harvey, an Underwood political hire with machinations that would make Karl Rove’s head spin.

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