Tales of the Wild

Character: Nepeese

Directed by: Arnaud Sélignac

Written by: James Oliver Curwood (novel), Jonathan Hales

Cast Members: Jeff Fahey, Jacques Weber, Lorne Brass

Release date: December 30, 1994

Episode(s) Number: 1x02

Episode(s) Title: Bari

Duration: 1h 36m

Set in the wilds of 1800s North America, a young wilderness zoologist, Paul Weyman, has pledged to keep an eye on his longtime friend's daughter, Nepeese, upon her return from boarding school. But danger lurks as an abusive fur trader, obsessed with Nepeese, waits for the opportunity to kidnap her for his own. Soon she's trapped by the vicious madman but she makes a daring escape into the raging winter elements. Now Paul must rely on his instincts to find her in a bitter fight for survival against man and nature in this story of courage and the power of love.

Also known as: Northern Passage

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